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Small Group Training Success Stories

Enza Speranza's story : 14.8 kilos and 44.5cm lost

I come from an Italian family where food basically means everything to me, my parents have been in the food industry for 40 years and I grew up surrounded by food. Food become like a crutch to me and an addiction and let’s face it us women are master’s when it comes to emotional eating. Read More

I.L.'s story : 20 kilos lost in 12 weeks

I originally joined Bee Active after much persuasion from my wife. Having two young children had lead me to become unhealthy and lazy. As a result I had ballooned out to 118.5 kg. Read More

S.P.'s story : 14 .7 kilos lost in 12 weeks

Gyms are the same around the world. Equipment is the same. What makes the difference in gaining results are the trainers and support around you. Read More

C.C.'s story : Half marathon run

I have been training with Bee Active since 2010, when I was six months pregnant with my second child. Read More

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