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Exercise physiology – medicine!
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The idea that ‘Exercise is Medicine’ is a fairly new phenomenon.

Exercise Physiologists view exercise as a prescription, that is, there is a specific ‘dose’ of exercise required to yield a specific type of result.

This idea has a more pivotal role when dealing with non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, neuromuscular impairments, musculoskeletal ailments, types of cancers and various disabilities. A specific dose of exercise can be paramount in improving the risk factors associated with the aforementioned diseases.

Exercise can reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose, which are all risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Exercise improves muscular strength, improve flexibility, and improve joint Range of Motion, which can all assist with musculoskeletal ailments. 

Additionally, the feel good effects of exercise are widely documented, and play a huge role in someone’s life that has a mental or physical disability.

Exercise is not only something that should be done to ‘get fit’, or ‘tone up’, it has a much greater effect than that. If the benefits of exercise could be in the form of a pill, every person would be taking it!

Post by Adrian Meli, B.Hlth Sc, M.Ex.Phys, ESSAM
Bee Active Personal Training Concord’s, Exercise Physiologist

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