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Megan Bruton 's story : Over 26 kg lost

I have attached two pictures, one was taken 11 months ago and one was taken last week. Read More

Leigh Shipton 's story : 18.5 kilos lost in under 6 months

Over the years I have been a member of many different gyms, however have never achieved results until I joined
Bee Active Read More

Jo Rimes's story : 7.5 kilos lost in 8 weeks

From the moment I stepped into Bee Active I knew it was the place for me. Very friendly people, a intimate environment and no mirrors! Very quickly I felt like a part of the family. Nothing is too much trouble for The Bee Active team. Read More

Katia Pizzinelli 's story : 41.8 kilos lost in under 7 months

For me, weight loss is 100% mental. If I am in the right frame of mind there is nothing that I can’t accomplish. Read More

Judith Ward 's story : 35 kilos lost, 5 dress sizes smaller

When I walked into Bee Active for the first time 20 months ago it was the scariest thing I had ever done. I was overweight and incredibly unfit. Read More

Libby Bertie's story : 14.5 kilos lost in 12 weeks

I have always hated gyms and if my friend had not talked me into meeting with Adam I would have never ended up at Bee Active and losing 17.8 kilos in total. Read More

Melinda Panebianco 's story : 14.7 kilos lost in 12 weeks

I joined Bee Active in November 2011 after struggling for two years to get rid of unwanted baby weight. Read More

Mary Rogers 's story : Down 9% body fat plus 14.5cm from waist & 13.5cm from hips!

I joined Bee Active in July 2011. A neck injury limited what exercises I could safely do. Read More

Cindy Care 's story : 30 kilos lost in under 12 months

I have been struggling with my weight for over 20 years. I have tried everything out there with no success. Read More

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