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Maintain the “Christmas Spirit” without feeling deprived and restricted from your favourite foods. This doesn’t mean over indulge in every “bad” food but instead make “healthy” alternatives and balance out the bad with the good.



Consider these simple tips to prevent the unwanted “Christmas Bulge”!


• Eat something before you head out to ease hunger urges + over indulgences

• Plan how much you will have to drink. This gives you a conscious limit.

• Consider your portion sizes. Use a serviette to limit how much you can hold.

• Observe the food available first.

• Choose from the “Five Food Groups” – vegetable sticks with hommus, avocado or beetroot dips, fresh fruit, dried fruit, raw mixed nuts, sushi bites, sandwhich triangles and or mini quiches.

• Limit creamy dips, fried foods, confectionary, salty chips, baked goods (particularly before lunch or dinner)



Busy, Busy, Busy. Rushing around, ticking off all the Christmas chores can become tiring and we often forget our bodies foremost rehab – sleep.


• Rebuild broken down muscle fibres

• Stabilise hunger hormones and emotional swings

• Restore energy levels


Increase Activity.

Lets face it Christmas is the time of the year where we prepare beautiful foods and enjoy the company of friends and relatives. Bee Active – Don’t sit at the Christmas table in front of food as it will only lead to one thing – ‘Subconscious Over Eating’.


Skip playing mind games with the food and jump up onto your feet!


• Socialise away from the table, you can still chat and have fun!

• Play games with the children and or pets

• Play a ball game – back yard, park, beach cricket

• Jump in the pool

• Walk around, help prepare, cook, clean or offer food



Snack Smart.

If not hosting this years Christmas celebrations, scope out the snacks on offer before reaching for everything. Even better if you’re the host plan ahead and prepare!


FOUR Snack Alternatives


• Fresh rockmelon and prosciutto

• Tuckers’ Wholegrain Bites with Aged Parmesan Cheese

• Fresh Sourdough served with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Smoked Salmon and Light Philadelphia Cheese



What comes to mind when I say “treats”? Delicious. YES, but fat + sugar dense.


• Maintain a balance. Consume foods in moderation. Create a variety.

• ‘Treat’ your self with nutrient dense delights that taste just as “delicious” and contain half the amount of sugar and fat of regular Christmas treats


FOUR Treat Alternates


• Bite Size Cashew Coconut Fudge Pieces

• Healthy Twists on Eggnog (yoghurt replaces cream)

• Cherry Bliss Balls

• Mini Pavlova Shells with fresh blueberry compote and cherries


Prevent over indulgence – keep treats as small portion sizes.

EXAMPLE- Mini Pavlova Shells are a perfect size. Pair it with a mini cherry bliss ball or fresh fruit and nuts to keep in the “Christmas Spirit”.


Maintain Training.

Christmas is less than 4 weeks away! Enough motivation to train harder! Remember you want to look your best in your Christmas outfit and really enjoy the festive food on the day without feeling guilty.



• Have one or more functions to attend? Limit your drinks at each event. Put your most important event at the top of your list.


• Create a habit, for every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water. This will maintain hydration and prevent electrolytes becoming unstabilized that leads to those ‘greasy food’ cravings.


• If you’re not drinking, try sparkling water with a hint of lime and mint!



People often become stressed with the demands of the festive season. Emotional eating and untimely snacks or meals creep into your nutritional plan with increased stress.



Try these small tactics and prevent over eating.


• Prevent quick fixes (mostly excess fat, salt + sugar). Will only leave you feeling deprived and reaching for more.

• Eat a decent breakfast, packed full of protein and low GI carbohydrates

• Hydration is key – don’t stop drinking water especially with increasing temperatures and with alcohol intake

• Prevent prior indulgences so you can really enjoy those foods you have saved yourself for Christmas & The New Year




Written by Aimee Boidin, Nutritionist at Bee Active Personal Training, Concord.

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