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Bootcamp Success Stories

Joe Iaquinto's story : 11.6 kilos lost, I fit in my kids clothes!

Before I started Bee Active, I was overweight, always felt tired, did no exercise and was sick of my kids
calling me overweight. Read More

Margarita Lopresti's story : 20 kilos lost & 26.5cm in girths gone

Having lost just under 20kg in 5 months, I feel more energetic and motivated to fit back in to my old
clothes. Read More

Simon Patane 's story : 11.5 kilos lost, Looking fit formy wedding

You have showed me how to keep up a successful training programme and stay fit. I truly enjoyed every bootcamp and met a lot of new friends. Read More

Daniel Lorello 's story : 20 kilos lost, Enjoy exercise again !

I know its a cliche to say, but Bee Active have quite literally changed my life. 14 months ago I was sitting on the couch at 103kg eating my life away. Read More

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