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As with anything your food plan needs to be individualised to your needs. Like a hunter and gatherer, use all your resources available to you, absorb any information you gather, hunt down the foods that work for you, find a quiet corner at a certain time each day and record your nutritional intake and learn […]

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Your heads banging, thoughts blurring… whether your day is drawing to a close or your driving home from a long day… we can all experience a decline in energy levels… and so begins the craving for the dreaded “Sugar Hit”. Our productivity and concentration slowly decreases.     Question? How do we prevent this energy […]

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“LIVE TO LOVE NUTRITION & MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU”   Food & Nutrition… My Passion… My Philosophy… ‘Keeping it Simple’   I have decided to adopt the KISS principle and write about my philosophy with four main words!   Key Food Groups Individualised Simple Sensible   Key Food Groups: Inner health & well being […]

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Are you staying up late just to check your email one last time before bed? Healthy eating’s important, but so is getting adequate sleep. Going to bed too late and waking up too early, means you’re missing out on the benefits of a full night’s rest; and exposing your mind and body to a host […]

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The result may be weight loss, muscle gain or fitness!  But what is the goal?   THE GOAL NEEDS TO BE WHATEVER IT TAKES TO REACH THE RESULT!   Clients, and trainers for that matter, spend so much time and effort focusing on the “result”, because that is what we all want, the “result”.   […]

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Do you believe your choice is:   “I can eat what I want but I’ll be overweight OR I can be slim but it will be hard and I’ll feel deprived”   When you tell yourself that this is your choice, you are asking yourself to choose between two options that are undesirable in some […]

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Recently I read an article called The Squeeze, in The  Sun-Herald Sunday Life magazine. The headline struck a chord with me “Is juice fasting the secret to good health – or is it simply a dangerous fad?”   Why did it strike a chord? It got me wondering how many people take on a diet […]

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Over the years, there have been many studies conducted by various leading universities and sports research facilities to determine the best type of training to gain maximum results, whether it be weight loss or improvements in fitness. And as a result, different schools of thought have come about regarding the best type of training, people […]

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