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Bee Active Fat Loss & Fitness Challenge

6 weeks to change your body shape? Your attitude? Your life?

Entries are open for Round 1, 2016! You’ll have your initial assessment, set your goals, sessions booked with your trainer and you’ll be added into a private team on Facebook so you’re never alone on this journey!

At Bee Active, we don’t just believe it, we’ve seen it –

  • centimetres off
  • dress sizes dropped
  • body fat blasted
  • and fitness levels sky high!

Do you want to lose a few kilos, perhaps tone up or become fitter? Bee Active’s Challenge is now 6 Weeks, a great amount of time to focus on achieving your goal! We’ve just seen Anthony lose 15kg in our last 6 week challenge in 2015.


Don’t just take it from us, here is what our past Challenge entrants have said:

“In 43 years I have never belonged to a Gym. Six weeks ago I “gave it a go” at Bee Active with Adrian as my personal trainer. I have really enjoyed training with Adrian and, with his personally focused input, I was able to achieve incredible results in weight loss. Adrian advice on the correct diet was vital in achieving this goal, combined of course being able to work hard in a safe, well equipped non-intimidating Gym. Thanks Adrian and the Bee Active Team” – Anthony

I found the diet plan not at all boring and learnt a lot about nutrition. I actually really enjoyed it. The training and weekly weigh in’s also made me very excited and pumped as I was always getting good results.

I was surprised at how well the challenge worked and how much weight I lost, it was falling of me daily. I also felt like a completely different person with more energy. I have kept up the diet with the odd treat now and then and have also kept up with the training. 

The weight has stayed off and I have even lost more since finishing the challenge. Many people have commented on how well I am looking now and even asked for my help to lose weight themselves.

To me this challenge was a great success and very rewarding for my mental and physical self. Thank you Bee Active!– Adam

“Gyms are the same around the world. Equipment is the same. What makes the difference in gaining results are the trainers and support around you. Bee Active is the gym that encourages action and change through healthy eating habits and exercise. Thank you to Charlie, Adam and the team at Bee Active who helped me to achieve my goal weight in the challenge.” – Sonja


Along came the six week challenge and I thought that’s it I need to remove my inability to control my food and make myself accountable to someone else, my trainer and the other individuals on this same journey.

It was amazing how good I started to feel, the weight was steadily dropping off. I had a new focus, and for the first time in my whole life I found something that I had never known I needed but was actually the key to my success.

Nothing bad was going to happen to me if I didn’t eat that chocolate biscuit, I would be okay if I didn’t have three slices of garlic bread with the bolognaise sauce.  I found it my mojo was coming back.  I started to feel stronger mentally, which in turn flowed into my physical appearance, who knew I had the power all the time. Overall I lost 5 kilos, my core strength increased from level 0 to level 5, push up test increased by 9 and I think body fat % dropped by 2.3.

The challenge has finished and I was very nervous, would this new found self control with food last…… A week and half later I have maintained my weight. I started this challenge believing that being accountable to others was the key and discovered in this challenge that I could be accountable to me and that was were my strength lies. – Cassie

To be in the 6 Week Challenge, join Bee Active and register your interest to enter the Challenge.

Whatever you want to achieve, Bee Active’s Challenge promises to deliver 6 of the most focused weeks of your life, with a nutrition diary, Bee Active nutrition handbook, recipes, 24/7 online support group, one-on-one personal training, a free bootcamp weekly and a progressive, tailored exercise program designed to get you to your goal.

Round it up with a fun end-of-challenge prize presentation where the overall winner will be announced.

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Personal Training Success Stories
I have always hated gyms and if my friend had not talked me into meeting with Adam I would have never ended up at Bee Active and losing 17.8 kilos in total.
I joined Bee Active in July 2011. A neck injury limited what exercises I could safely do.