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Monthly Archives: October 2015
Kilojoules Calories

Rather than accentuating too much on “calories” themselves, lets discuss what makes up the ‘bulk’ of our meals…   Persistent misjudgement, misinterpretation and fabrication of information and products are blurring our views on current nutritional understanding.   Recently, it has become apparent that the misleading knowledge of individuals “needing” to consume “the correct amount of […]

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Carbohydrates – Varying Nutrient Quality Levels   The variation of carbohydrates depends on the food molecule make up. When our body breaks down carbohydrate foods, our digestion and blood sugar levels change thus determining our satiety levels dependant on the molecule make up.   *Simple sugars are composed of one or two units and are […]

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– Protein Quality DOES Matter –   Our bodies need daily protein for development of our tissues and muscles, to supply vital building blocks, control certain hormone activation, enzyme contraction and relaxation and provide adequate energy to help maintain satiety levels.   An array of protein sources, whether animal or plant based vary in quality […]

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Fats (lipids) sometimes lose their importance amongst the constant controversial and diverse media outlets. Fats are an energy efficient nutrient and play important roles within the body. Some roles include standardisation of body temperature, inflammatory regulation and or assisting in the absorption & transportation of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K).   Daily we […]

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